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Why You Should Choose an Ethically Made Wedding Dress

Change is in the air. People are focused on making smarter choices, selecting sustainable, ethically produced products, and avoiding single-use items that end up in landfills or polluting oceans. And so it was only a matter of time before that same sensibility took hold in the fashion industry. Shoppers have a new focus on stylish, ethical clothing. Incorporation of natural fibers, minimal waste, and eco-friendly content are all hallmarks of ethically made fashion. Ethically made wedding dresses are a natural outcome of this movement.

The Slow Fashion Movement

The mindset of fast fashion, where clothing is deemed “disposable” and no one looks at the country of origin or the fabric content, is becoming a thing of the past. Today’s consumers are evolving.  Buyers, who at one time didn’t bother to look at the content or tags on the clothing they purchased, are becoming followers of the slow fashion movement — more interested in ethical fashion and sustainable fashion designers. They want to know that the  clothing they choose to spend their dollars on and put on their bodies is ethically produced. 

According to Forbes magazine, the fashion industry is the world’s second largest contributor to pollution. Every year millions of items of clothing end up in consignment shops or collecting dust in the back of a closet. Some items are worn only once and then never again. This sad fate was a regular byproduct of the bridal and evening wear markets.

ZB Couture and Ethical Fashion

Looking to be a part of the solution rather than another part of the problem, I created ZB Couture. My fashion collection features stunning, hand painted, sustainable pieces meant to be worn again and again. These are unique, made to order, ethically made wedding dresses you’ll never be bored with. Because of our unique design, our ethically made wedding dresses have a life after the wedding day, with beautiful hand-painted designs that effortlessly transition from bridal couture to evening wear. 

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ZB Couture prides itself on being an environmentally conscious clothing brand, striving to eliminate any negative impact on people or on the environment. Every fabric is carefully chosen so our luxurious, natural-fiber designs are as good for the environment, as they feel against your skin. Every ZB Couture ethically made dress has an elegant pure silk outer shell. The 100% natural silk fabric clippings that result from the making of our garments organically dissolve in landfills resulting in no hazard to the ground or the environment.

Kissing rose hand painted bridal gown
Kissing Rose

Our ethical luxury fashions are lined in Bemberg™, a plant-based, 100% bio-degradable, regenerated fiber made from cotton linter, a raw, pre-consumer material that is silky smooth and luxurious.

At ZB Couture, we promote artisanal, made-to-order small batch productions. We avoid large inventory, repurposing whenever possible, and striving for zero waste during our production process.

ZB Couture’s Ethical Fashion Commitment

At ZB Couture, we’re 100% committed to the slow fashion movement. All of our high-end sustainable fashion, eco-friendly wedding dresses, and sustainable bridesmaid dresses are ethically, and proudly, made in the USA. We highly value the skilled artisans whose craftsmanship we rely on, to create the ethical luxury fashion our clients have come to love. And we reward our workers with livable wages commensurate with their skills and experience. 

Every ZB Couture design features classic, timeless silhouettes, that transcend the whims of fashion, because couture is meant to worn and loved for a long, long time. And each one of our sustainable wedding, bridesmaid, and evening dresses is made with a love of nature, as well as fashion.

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