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Hand painted bridal fabric

Hand-painted Custom Gowns Inspired by Nature!

From the designer’s desk: does nature speak to you?

Nature has always been my significant inspiration. I paint my stories with an exquisite range of floral & abstracts forms… although sometimes I can also be inspired by furniture, architecture, or a fine piece of jewelry. My vision is limitless, my creativity is uniquely mine.

I use only the finest silk & fabric paints, and fabric pencils — mixing & matching mediums to extract the very best from each one. I incorporate a variety of washes to bleed the paints, at the same time adding outlines to give intricate details, so my work is a rare fusion of naturalistic and abstract motifs!

I feel that my work seamlessly blends my artistic talents with my love of couture fashion, infusing each and every one-of-a-kind design with my signature floral homages.

Kissing rose hand painted bridal gown

Roses are one of my favorite flower and are often featured in my couture designs. My “kissing roses” gown has a total of seven different fabric panels, each a blend of natural and abstract interpretations of the rose, in all its splendor and beauty. From realistic branches and buds to leaves in shades of olive and aqua green, my hope is that the woman wearing my creation will feel a part of a garden in full bloom.

Hand painted motif on dress

In art, as in life, it’s all in the details, so my designs are always a study in intricacies. Soft, muted colors, shadows and light, the gentle curve of a branch, or fold of a petal — no detail overlooked, every nuance covered.

My gowns are created for the bride with a singular fashion vision, looking to stand out in a sea of stark white. I’m proud to say that my work has been featured in bridal shows and editorials, on runways, and on stylish women around the world. Although bridal has been a focus, I believe each of my gowns can be re-used for any special occasion — red carpet events, black tie weddings, benefit galas, holiday parties, and more, after all haute couture is meant to be worn, to be appreciated, to be loved more than once!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about my inspiration and process.

“My creations are not simply gowns, they are romance brought to life through paints & brushes… and inspiration!”

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