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How to incorporate flowers into your wedding creatively!

How to incorporate flowers into your wedding creatively!

Along with finding the perfect custom wedding dress, flowers are a big part of most weddings — as part of the decor and in the bouquets and boutonnieres of the wedding party. For many brides, having a custom wedding dress and an abundance of flowers gives their wedding day more beauty and romance, and allows them to customize the look and feel of their special event. But, what about trying to incorporate flowers into other parts of your wedding? After all, is there anything more romantic that flowers? 

The language of flowers

Flowers are so much ingrained into the fabric of romance that there was even a term coined in Victorian times known as ‘Floriography’ which explored the language of flowers. Each flower and color has a special meaning, and bouquets of flowers were carefully chosen and arranged to express that meaning.  

For example, baby’s breath, one of the common filler flowers used in bridal bouquets means ‘innocent and pure of heart’ — both accurate depictions of what a Victorian-era bride should be. For roses, another common wedding flower, each color represents a different meaning, with red signifying love, pale pink depicting grace, and bright pink perfect happiness. By combining these different flowers and colors into a bouquet or arrangement, the giver was relaying his feelings without a single word. 

When selecting a floral theme for your wedding, give careful consideration to the meaning behind the flowers, as well as their aesthetic appeal, even if you and your spouse are the only ones who will know. 

Wedding Dress by Monique Lhuillier

Traditional ways to use flowers in your wedding

Most brides will include flowers in a few traditional ways on their wedding day:

  • Bouquets for bride and attendants
  • Boutonnieres for groom and groomsmen
  • Corsages for mothers, grandmothers, and other special guests
  • In arrangements, arches, and garlands at the church or ceremony venue
  • Centerpieces for reception
  • Floral hand painted silk dresses for the bride and her attendants

But, there are other ways you can bring the beauty and meaning of flowers to your wedding day. Let’s explore… 


Set the tone of your special day before the guests even arrive by incorporating flowers into your wedding invitations. A border of pretty, trailing blossoms can add a touch of fairytale romance to a simple invitation design, and hint at the larger role that flowers will play in your upcoming nuptials. 

Wedding cake topper

The bride and groom figurine toppers of the past have given way to cakes decorated and topped with lush flowers. Whether you opt for fondant or buttercream flowers, or actual live floral blooms, make sure the flowers you select work with the theme, colors, and style of your event.


Silk blooms attached to combs and crowns, or delicate garlands of fresh flowers festooned with trailing ribbons, having flowers in the hair of the bride and her attendants is simple, stunning, and oh-so romantic. If choosing real flowers, go with heartier blossoms, particular in warmer months — your florist should be able to give you advise — so your hairpiece doesn’t wilt mid-way through the day.

Bridesmaids’ dresses

Along with your custom silk wedding dress, you can consider floral print dresses for your attendants. If you aren’t ready to commit to floral fabric, many dresses have floral accents at the waist, shoulders, or at the back of the dress. You can also consider adding a waistband, dotted with embroidered or ribbon flowers.

Romancing petals by zbcouture

ZB Couture… silk wedding dresses individually hand painted with one-of-a-kind floral designs

At ZB couture, every custom silk wedding dress is specially hand painted with the flowers of your choosing, keeping with your personal preferences and the color and theme of your wedding. We can customize your dress with pastel roses, tulips, carnations, Lillies, or any other flower you desire.

Your hand painted silk dress will make you stand out in a sea of white gowns. Plus by adding touches of flowers and soft color to your custom silk dress, you’ve instantly taken it from a gown worn once and packed away, to one that can find new life as a custom ball gown long after your ceremony is just a treasured memory. The beauty of a couture dress is that it can be not only timeless, but also a perfect reflection of you. 

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