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How to Buy a Wedding Dress Online

Things are undeniably different in the last year. Among so many other changes, online shopping has become the new emerging trend for everything from groceries to wine, cleaning supplies to clothing, and everything in between. The online shopping trend has even touched the wedding industry, with today’s brides often choosing to shop for wedding dresses online.

And, it’s about more than following stay-at-home health and safety directives. When a bride decides to buy a wedding dress online, it gives her more options and often more value in the search for her dream wedding dress.

When ordering anything online, it’s important that a buyer knows what they want and, more importantly, what they don’t want. This becomes even more crucial when that online purchase is for something as monumentally important as a wedding dress. But, understanding which questions to ask will make your online shopping experience easier and more likely to be successful.

What does off-the-rack mean when you buy a wedding dress online?

When a dress is off-the-rack, it means the wedding dress:

• Is shipped directly from the manufacturer (mostly overseas)

• Is made in bulk quantities

• Is made according to standard sizing guidelines

While you may save significantly on the purchase price of an off-the-rack wedding dress you buy online; you may need to spend significant dollars on alterations. If you are either too tall or too short for the standard sizing guideline, there is a possibility you won’t be satisfied with the way the dress fits your body at all.

What does made-to-order mean when you buy a wedding dress online?

A made-to-order wedding dress is when the manufacture cuts the fabric to create the dress after the order is placed. At ZB Couture every one of our gowns is made to order. Once we receive the measurements, we modify our existing patterns to adjust the measurements we received from our bride.

By modifying our patterns to the bride’s specific measurements, the most and time of secondary alterations is likely to be significantly less – although minor adjustments may still be desired by the bride once the dream dress arrives in its box. Made to order, also called made to measure, is the perfect choice for brides with unique sizing specifications.

What does a custom dress mean when you buy a wedding dress online?

A custom wedding dress is when a dress is specifically made for your measurement by the wedding dress designer. A custom dress fits like no other. After getting 20 to 30 individual body measurements, a new wedding dress pattern is drafted exclusively for you.

When buying a custom wedding dress online it’s crucial that you choose an experienced tailor or seamstress to take your body measurements. Remember, the dress will be made according to the measurements you provide, so having accurate measurements will make all the difference in bringing your dream wedding dress vision to life.

If you’d like to take your measurements, this video could prove to be helpful. At ZB Couture, we have very detailed how-to-measure information that provides de-tails on exactly what we require for giving us everything we need to make the perfect couture wedding dress for you.

ZB Couture takes online wedding dress shopping to a whole new level

Our custom silk gowns elevate the experience of buying a wedding dress online. Every hand-painted silk dress is custom made just for you. Using your specific body measurements, we’ll make your dress with exacting attention to detail to transform you into the bride you’ve always dreamed of being.

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