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How to add color in your wedding dress

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but shopping for your perfect wedding gown… that’s a whole new level of stress. After all, your wedding dress will forever be the snapshot takeaway from your special day. For some brides, classic white or ivory is where the search begins and ends. But, for the bride looking to add a bit of color to her wedding, there are more options available now than ever before and more ways to make the process fun!

Looking for ideas on how to add color to your wedding day? We’re here to help! Whether you are planning a micro-wedding outdoors, or a grand event at a fabulous estate, adding a touch of color to your wedding is easy and fun! Color can change the aesthetics of your venue and can turn your wedding gown from pretty to MAGICAL!

Want to add color to your wedding? Here’s how!

Decide on a theme for your wedding 

Regardless of the scale of the wedding, most weddings have a certain vibe, or theme that couples infuse into the event when planning their special day. Some popular wedding themes include:

  • Bohemian
  • Rustic
  • Vintage
  • Ethereal
  • Romantic 

Let color help set the mood for your wedding 

Now that you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to set the mood — and that’s where color plays a pivotal role. Select colors that seem to be a natural extension of your chosen theme — an ethereal vibe evokes shades of lilac and icy blue, while a vintage affair conjures dusty mauve and touches of sage green. It’s your day and you should choose the theme and the colors that make you happy.

From table linens to flowers, decor to your wedding dress itself, maintaining a consistent tone will give cohesiveness to the event and can actually help make the planning a bit easier, too. Create your own mood board, with magazine clippings and photos of things you like. A mood board can help you or your wedding planner bring your wedding day vision to life.

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Adding color to your wedding dress

After you’ve finalized your colors for your centerpieces, bouquets, cake, and invitations, you can opt to incorporate hints of those colors into your wedding dress

Add a delicately colored waistband or bow, a skirt of pastel tulle, or have the entire skirt of your couture wedding dress hand painted in wistful watercolors. Adding color to your wedding gown sets you apart from other brides and infuses a sense of your personality into your couture wedding dress.

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ZB Couture… hand painted silk wedding dresses that bring color to life

At ZB couture, every hand painted silk dress is specifically personalized in keeping with the  color and theme of your wedding. Is blue one of the colors in your wedding theme? We can customize very subtle tones of blues, lilacs, and lavenders and hand paint them onto the fabric of your beautiful custom silk wedding dress. 

Not only will your hand painted silk dress make you stand out amidst a sea of plain white wedding gowns, but by adding color to your wedding dress it becomes more versatile. How? Your couture wedding dress can find new life as a custom ball gown long after the wedding cake has been cut and the veil has been carefully packed away. That’s the beauty of a couture dress — when done right, it can be timeless.

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