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ZB Couture Dresses Made with Sustainability in Mind

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Each ZB Couture gown is made with high-end luxury fabric that is made from natural fibers. And the vast majority of the fabric we use is silk.

While we strive for Zero Waste in making our custom dresses, we believe that we have achieved minimal waste. In cutting the fabric, we always plan the layout to minimize waste. Any waste that is created in the making of one dress is refashioned into other items, or used to test design concepts and swatch paints for future projects.

About the Brand

ZB Couture features hand-painted, made-to-order gowns for bridal and formal occasions. Each gown offers timeless and classic beauty through Zahra’s intricately hand-painted motifs on luxury fabrics of the highest quality.

Every ZB Couture gown starts with a concept inspired by nature. Zahra designs her floral motifs and then works for 30—40 hours rendering the motifs onto her fabric using the finest fabric paints and pencils.

hand painting in progress with fabric paint and delicate paint brushes resting to the side

Our limited edition hand painted wedding dresses

“symphony of rose”

Starting from $2,500

About Zahra Batool

Long before she became a Master Designer, decades before she was the founder and CEO of ZB Couture, Zahra Batool was just another little girl with big dreams and even bigger talent. Growing up in Pakistan, there was nothing that made Zahra happier than a box full of crayons or a few bottles of paint. As a result, she spent hour upon hour creating beautiful pictures and fantasizing about becoming a real artist when she grew up.

Luxury Fashion from ZB Couture

Because every woman is unique, each design is custom made. Every dress silhouette and hand-painted design results in a couture gown that enhances and complements the wearer. And because Zahra’s designs are timeless, her gowns are designed to be worn again and again.

Since her debut, Zahra has participated in many New York & New Jersey fashion events, trunk shows, and styled shoots. She has also successfully collaborated with Bergdorf Goodman and Pildora. Her work has been featured in Bibi & Tatler magazines.

When she is not creating her custom design creations, Zahra can most often be found spending time with her family, practicing yoga, or painting in her studio.

All this from a little girl who dreamed of becoming an artist.

Lavender Love Gown

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